Be careful with this phase, it has been known to start fires
One Nation Under God
The Constitution of the United States of America is a peculiar
document in that it was designed to give freedom to all who embrace
it, yet it is consistently used by caustic defenders to exclude those
who don't agree with them.

Forty years ago, there was a civic awakening in America that was
denounced by the conservative "Establishment." There were rallies,
protests and other acts of civil disobedience. The protesters were
labeled as unpatriotic communists. Fast forward today and we see
the same right wing partisans utilizing the same tactics under the
banner of being "True Patriots" The irony is evidently lost on them.

I only single out these staunch supporters because likewise they also
interpret "Freedom of Religion" to mean only one thing, Fundamental
Christianity. I am a faithful believer in Jesus Christ. . I stand to the
death on the tenets found in the Apostles Creed. I have devoted my
live to the spread of His Gospel and believe that His life changing,
redemptive power is the only solution to a desperate and needy world.

Our nation was populated by people who were escaping religious
tyranny. The United States of America has been, and will continue to
be, a haven for those who wish to join together for the cause of
freedom. This includeds ALL who travel to her shores and live as
citizens of her land.

Does the Constitution intend to offer these freedoms solely to
mainstream Christianity? Are we to politely ask our Hindu, Jewish,
Islamic or even Agnostic citizens to leave their country? And yet the
rhetoric from "True Patriots" would suggest that unless you're a
God-fearing American, you can't be an American.

I Pledge of Allegience: There have been a few changes in the
pledge during the course of its history. In 1923 the words "the United
States of America" were added as the country experienced in influx of
new members. This was to differentiate the flag of the pledge from
that of an immagrant's mother country. Originally the pledge was
recited with an outstretched arm, that by WWII was considered too
similar to the Nazi salute and was consequently changed to the
placing of right hand over the heart. In a similar fashion 1954
addition of "Under God" was encouraged by various christian
organizations, most notably the Knights of Columbus in an era that
was marked by the Red Scare and McCarthyism. The political
climate was perhaps a more powerful motivator than true devotion.

Let there be mistake, the inclusion of "Under God" was meant as an
homage to God the Creator as defined by Christian believers.

So where does that leave the rest of this country? Are we expecting
men and women of other faiths to swear to a God they do not believe
in? Imagine the outrage if the roles were reversed! - One Nation
Under Vishnu" ? ! ? !

It IS truly sad that the most inclusive person in History,
Jesus Christ, has followers who are so exclusive.

How will they hear the gospel over the noise of misleading politics?