. . .a few years back
I built a computer in my attic to
play around with some recording
software that was bundled with
an MP3 player.

I thought it might be fun; just
me, my guitar and a microphone.

Well, that didn't last very long
and MANY dollars later (and an
extremely understanding wife) I
have a dedicated DAW loaded
with hardware, software and
associated FX. I now compose,
sequence, create backing tracks
and once in a great while . . .Sit
down with my guitar!
Squirrel Court? When we first moved in, we live-trapped 31, - YES, 31 squirrels
from under the attic eaves. The name seemed only appropriate for a studio
located in the garret!
MIDI Guitar I stopped playing electric guitar years ago and for the longest time
played acoustic guitar exclusively. At some point I became interested in playing
strings and organ on my guitar, so I bought a Roland GR-20 and a cheap Les Paul
so I could play keyboard parts on my guitar. I now have several synth access
guitars. If you're a guitarist, check out the MIDI Guitar Page and links.
Sixteen Tons:
A tribute to Tennessee Ernie Ford and Carlos Santana. The vocals
are not that heavy with FX. It just required getting up early and
hitting the microphone
before caffeine and breakfast.
Lost In the Wonder of You:
A song I wrote for my wife in honor of our Anniversary. She cried,
which is the same response I get from people who possess a
keen musical ear.
From Glory To Glory:
This started as a backing track for the Choir I was directing. I
knew all the parts - So why not sing them? I pitched my voice up
for the Soprano & Alto using a Roland processor. It gave a nice
"Church Lady" sound. A little rough, but sadly, still better than you
might hear on a Sunday morning.
One Minute of Patriotism:
This was an on-line collaboration with a guy I never met, a friend
of a friend who needed a background track for a video contest he
was entering. Basically drum loops, a kick-butt synth (Dimension
Pro) and a few power chords from my guitar.
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