If you find the graphic below offensive, or even
humorous,then CONGRATULATIONS! You are well on your
way to enlightenment.
You may ask why I would place the
symbols of our political parties on an
image that represents the most fantastic
and awesome work of our Holy God?
Exactly my point.

Modern Christianity has become so
politically charged that it is quickly
becoming a profession of ideals rather than
the embracing of the Gift of Salvation. It's
become more about where you stand on a
position than where you stand before a
Holy God!
When I was just a wee lad, I remember the Irish conflict being
paraded across the news media with the warring factions being
identified as Protestant and Catholic. How silly I thought, that
two groups who hold Jesus to be their Sovereign Lord would
wage destruction upon each other. It wasn't until much later
that I realized the terms were a matter of political bend and not
differences in an approach to worship. There can be no doubt
that Western Christianity has fallen into a similar trap.

Where is Jesus in the issues that that define Political
Christianity? While the foundations of the issues are often
biblically based, the approach to the issues are laden with
Malice, discord, hatred and rage. The pop phrase of yesterday
"What Would Jesus Do?" still applies today. . In my wildest
imagination, I cannot envision Jesus conducting himself in the
same manner as these well-meaning, politically charged

Let's Talk About Jesus. Jesus lived in one of the most
politically corrupt times in all of history. All the big political
issues of this day existed back then: Abortion (infanticide),
Homosexuality, Moral deprivation and Government corruption. In
fact, few civilizations could hold a candle to the Roman Empire
to the extent that they excelled in such matters. What did Jesus
do? . . Absolutely nothing! - The ONLY political matter Jesus
ever addressed was PAY YOUR TAXES! (I find it amusing that's
the one thing the corporate church DOESN'T do!)

Imitators of Christ or Followers of Causes? If Jesus had more
concern for the person rather than the issues, wouldn't we be
better serving mankind in that respect? By laying aside the
issues of the day and concentrating on the His "Prime Directive"
the world was changed almost overnight. Not a shot was fired,
not a petition was raised, and it happened all without E-Mail!

Church and State: There's good reason to separate the two.
Impurity has no business with a Holy God, and there's nothing
dirtier than the business of politics! People always point to the
Country being founded by God-fearing men who applied
Christian values to the Constitution. This marvelous document
came from the hearts of men who knew and understood God's
Divine Grace. We need more men like that, but we can't
mandate men into becoming like that. Changing laws will not
accomplish the purposes of God. Creating laws will not make us
a nation that is repentant and turns back to God - That's a
personal transformation.
Always was and Always will be - That's
God's Plan. When Christians stop shirking their responsibility
and meet people where they are, when the PEOPLE of a nation
turn to God - The Nation will follow.

One Nation Under God: In the meantime we're so busy treating
the symptoms that we have no thought or time to treat the
disease. This Country exists today not because of the laws on
the books, but because of the hearts of the people. Heal those
hearts. It's God's promise that HE will heal the land. We're quick
to wage war on all the Hot Topics of the day, but behind the
issues are real people, with real concerns, real pain and real

What's Wrong With Waving the Flag? Absolutely NOTHING!
Just don't clothe the Savior in it. I believe in God and Country.
In that order! I also believe that God's concern for the heart of
man leaves little room for politics. God will bless the citizens of
a country that loves Him and puts Him first in their lives - He
will not share His throne with anyone or any institution.